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Hosting Your Own Remote Private Torrent Tracker

TL;DR Modifying BitTorrent Tracker written in C++

Ever wanted to share a really big file (more than 4 GB) with someone without a hassle of uploading it to some file upload server?

BitTorrent to rescue, also there are alternatives like hosting your own ftp/sftp file server but I won’t consider them here! So you probably already have a dedicated home file server running on Linux/BSD/Solaris that also has a torrent client installed on it that you access through web interface?

Oh you don’t? Snap it’s it’s so useful that nowadays almost everyone has some kind of NAS that he/she is using for file storage and torrents. So if you don’t have one then you are behind of times

So what do we need to share some file over torrent? Yes indeed we need a torrent tracker